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Apr 30, 2014
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I understand most folks want trainers right.

But the LA Noire thread made me create this one.

TBH, this game doesn't need a trainer. There are a TON of walkthroughs on how to question suspects so you always pick right option , all the evidence you need to collect and so on.

So, for games such as this, try the walkthrough first and if say a 'Unlim Ammo' option is need a) try using CE to hack it yourself b) if you can't, then request trainer but be specific in the options ...not just 'a trainer would be awesome'...

MAF has a life, he does this outta the goodness of his heart, his skill and his support of the gaming community,
Lets not burden him with trainers that aren't really need.

Money hacks are rarely needed, easiest CE hack there is :D
Plenty of CE tutorials on the interwebz :)