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Apr 20, 2014
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Current Trainers:
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2-2-23 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) v1.0 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2023-02-08 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 2023-02-08 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2023-02-11 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 2023-02-11 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2-16-23 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 2-16-23 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2-28-23 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 2-28-23 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 2023-05-04 Trainer +32
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 2023-05-04 Trainer +33
Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) 5-26-23 Trainer +33
Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) 5-27-23 Trainer +33

  1. Unlimited Health
  2. Edit Max Health
  3. Unlimited Ancient Magic Energy
  4. Max Combo
  5. Spells Instant Cooldown
  6. Set Player Speed
  7. Set Movement Speed
  8. Defense Multiplier
  9. Life Leech (%)
  10. Max Extraordinary Gear Drop Rate
  11. Max Legendary Gear Drop Rate
  12. Stealth Mode
  13. Infinite Broom Boost
  14. Infinite Potion Effect Duration
  15. Unlimited Item Usage
  16. Shop Items Cost 0 Money
  17. Gain Money When Buying Items
  18. Money Multiplier
  19. Loots Multiplier
  20. Items Won't Decrease
  21. No Brew Potion Requirements
  22. Ignore Conjuration Requirements
  23. Edit Max Gear Slot Count
  24. Unlimited Exp
  25. Exp Multiplier
  26. Edit Talent Points
  27. One-Hit Kills
  28. Damage Multiplier
  29. Instant Grow Plants
  30. Instant Brew Potions
  31. Unlock All Fast Travel Locations
  32. Set Game Speed
  33. Teleport to Waypoint


  • Hogwarts Legacy (Steam) Trainer Setup.exe
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  • Hogwarts Legacy (Epic Games) Trainer Setup.exe
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Feb 13, 2019
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Nice all we need now is money that’s all I care about and talent points ❤️


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Feb 8, 2023
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Your creations are amazing, all that's missing is the ability to add money to the balance and increase exp!
Congratulations again for this even before the official release of the game!


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Dec 7, 2018
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Everything was working fine, and then I discovered a game-breaking feature :
Those big house medallions/ flying keys medallions - when you open the first one and put that in the house chest, for some reason he lets you put them there endlessly and even if all the slots are full, the quest doesn't end, because you actually only have 1 correct one.
To be honest, I'm not a moder and I don't know exactly how this thing works, or what causes it?
But can it be fixed?Or what trainer option might cause it???

Has anyone had this problem, what do you suggest to do, advise me, share your experience?!

Thank you.

For those who have the same problem, I got them working like this -
I took the save file back to the point where the quest was not activated, turned off the trainer and looked up all the keys and finished the quest. And then I activated the trainer again, and the game continued. :cool:
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