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Feb 9, 2015
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I might aswell introduce myself for you before I go over the purpose of the thread! My name is Rasmus, 17 years old from sweden. I believe we share the same interest - programming. Even though I'm a real beginner to this huge world of coding, I became really fascinated in your trainer for total war rome 2. Not only can it be more fun to play with some advantages but it was also fun to think of how it was actually made.

I'm familiar with the following languages - Lua, Javascript and Java. Fairly new to them but I have spent some time on them and I believe I master the basics easily. Currently I'm looking to learn c++ and I'm hoping to have c++ as my main language of use. As I said earlier, I was fascinated by your trainer and I came up with the idea to create one myself.

From what I understand, making a trainer is alot about locating static memory addresses and integrate those in an actual program. And for any h acking really, some knowledge about the Assembly Language is mandatory. Though as soon as I tried to learn how it works I was quickly overwhelmed, not knowing where to start.

So back to the title, how did you learn to start coding MrAntiFun? Did you use any specific guides to help you start? Any tips/hints for us who are new to this type of programming?


May 21, 2014
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Learning from school is about the best way to go about doing it.

Though it is also respected if one teaches himself how to code via books/online tutorials