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Apr 20, 2014
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Current Trainers:
Incremental Epic Hero 2 (Steam) v1.1.11.11 Trainer +20
Incremental Epic Hero 2 (Steam) v1.1.15.4 Trainer +19
Incremental Epic Hero 2 (Steam) v1.1.13.1 Trainer +20
Incremental Epic Hero 2 (Steam) v1.1.7.5 Trainer +20

  1. Unlimited HP
  2. Unlimited MP
  3. Unlimited Materials
  4. Unlimited Essence
  5. Unlimited Gold
  6. Unlimited Resources
  7. Unlimited Slime Coins
  8. Unlimited Nitro
  9. Unlimited Ability Points
  10. Unlimited Lab Points
  11. Unlimited Guild Points
  12. Multiply Gold Get
  13. Multiply Character EXP Gain
  14. Multiply Skill Proficiency Gain
  15. Multiply Guild EXP Gain
  16. Edit Stones
  17. Edit Crystals
  18. Edit Leafs
  19. Game Speed
Some mods will make the game shows 7.77e307 means 7.77 × 10^307 (near max a double value type can hold) which is already ridiculously huge, even a lightyear is only about 9.4607 x 10^15 meter. You will still not be able to max out level of certain stuff due to the dev's oversight.

Some mod changes are not reversible since there's no cap so be sure to read the instruction.


  • Incremental Epic Hero 2 (Steam) Trainer Setup.exe
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