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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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ben barrett pcgamesN

Just Cause 3 has explosively ambled into the new year still suffering some performance issues the team are diligently trying to get fixed. However, the 'other half' of the studio has been hard at work getting the previously announced Land, Sea and Air season pass content ready for delivery. A new post on Steam discusses all of this and promises some dates 'n' deets for what's on the way.

The post is split into three sections, discussing the DLC, pre-order exclusives now being available to all and what Avalanche are continuing to work on re: performance issues. The pre-order stuff is now purchasable through Steam for a few bucks each, adding some vehicles and weapons. You can grab them through the store page, though I'm yet to see anyone recommending them at those prices.

As for the season pass, the first part of it is nearly ready for release. Titled Sky Fortress and sitting in the Air slot, it will bring "new missions, features and other exciting surprises to the skies of Medici." Avalanche say it's currently in testing and they should be able to bring more information regarding release date and exactly what it will contain soon.

They ended the post by saying they're still hard at work trying to fix the various performance issues and bugs that have plagued the game since release. They expect to have a patch this month addressing these problems, but haven't announced any specifics about what it will contain. Just Cause 3 still does not support SLI, and getting it to run at a solid 60 has proved challenging even for those on monster PCs. That, one would assume, is their top priority.