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Jun 5, 2014
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At a panel at PAX East, Just Cause 3 developer Avalanche continued to tease this year’s entry to the high-flying, everything-exploding action series with more screenshots. Now, we’ve seen a lot of Just Cause 3 screenshots already without a glimpse of gameplay. Game director Roland Lesterlin said that the team wants to keep gameplay footage locked down for now.

“We wanted to do everything the right way,” Lesterlin said. “The first time you see it, we want you to say, ‘that’s awesome.’ We can’t wait for that.” The team did show off some new screenshots especially for the PAX crowd but, to be honest, if you’ve seen a man fly a flaming jet into a pile of propane tanks once, you’ve seen every man flying a flaming jet into a pile of propane tanks.

One other bit of trivia came from art director Zach Schlappi, who cited Michael Bay as an artistic influence for his use of color, sunshine, gleaming metal, and fireballs. It’s not something I ever noticed before, but if I had to sum up Just Cause in just a few words, I would go with “Michael Bay: The Game.”

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