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May 21, 2014
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By Fraser Brown PCGamesN

At a glance, Kyn doesn’t look like it has much to do with Vikings, but its Netherlands-based developer, Tangrin, says that it’s inspired by “Viking myth and legend”. Hammers, goat-drawn chariots, end of the world -- that sort of thing, presumably. It’s an action RPG where you control a party of six adventurers, dabble in some puzzles and, mostly, kill lots of monsters.

Kyn uses a “modern strategic combat system,” which translates to being able to slow down time and reposition your party members. You can see it happen in the video above. There’s also crafting, skill specialisations, loot -- you know the drill.

It’s a bit peculiar that the majority of the characters in the trailer are casters and archers, but I guess the whole wading into combat with nothing but an axe and a beard gets a bit boring after a while. Even Vikings need to mix it up.

Kyn is due out on July 28th.