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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Fraser Brown pcgamesN


I liked but was unsure of Life is Strange after reviewing the first episode, but crikey does it get amazing. It’s grown from a curiosity to one of my favourite games of the year (and I’m far from the only one at PCGN), spinning a compelling yarn that somehow makes me care about the lives of a bunch of fictional American teens.

It’s great is what I’m saying, and you should play it. Right now. And you can, because a demo has finally appeared on Steam, which you can download right this very second. Do it.

The demo covers a small part of the first episode, which is a shame because it’s the weakest of the five. I understand the logic of course, and suspect that the impact of the following episodes would be lessened if you were just thrust into one of them without experiencing the beginning.

Still, you’ll no doubt get a good idea of what it’s about: navigating teen crises after teen crises; using extremely awesome superpowers; and learning to really hate some very unpleasant school children. Don’t worry about the last bit though, there are also a lot of very lovely characters too, including heroine Max, who might be naive and a bit twee, but is also very endearing.