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Metal Gear Solid V possible S++ glitch


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Aug 15, 2014
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Maybe i have the solution for MGS S++ soldier,

during the mission
Proxy War Without End, stealth in the airport DO NOT SCAN ANY SOLDIER, when all 3 tanks arrive and the chopper too just hit the chopper with a heavy sniper, then hide, the chopper will NOT drop the commander, instead after, the alarm level drop will hover 2 meters from the ground, the commander have normally a S+ value and somehow from there all soldier in the airport will have a S+ or S++ value, to repeat the mission, once you killed the chopper with the commander, do not extract with chopper, just run away, than relaunch the mission from the ground. DO NOT BRING allies, meaning no quiet, no walker gear, no dog , and no horse, or most of them will point enemies before you glitch the chopper.

hope it help