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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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andy chalk pcgamer

Most episodic games take a few months between releases. Telltale has spaced its Game of Thrones episodes at least a couple of months apart, for instance. Not so with Minecraft: Story Mode, however. The second episode launched in late October, just two weeks after the first, and the third part is coming next week, on November 24.

In Episode 3, Jesse and his pals continue their search for Soren, the final member of the Order of the Stone, and the only one who knows how to stop the all-consuming Witherstorm! There's also a spot of concern about "the horrors lurking beneath the starless sky of The End."

That sounds bad, doesn't it? In a good way, though, since we're talking about videogames here, and what fun are videogames without some kind of end-of-the-world crisis to struggle against? Hopefully the third episode will come together better than the first, which despite combining the dark magics of Minecraft and Telltale, turned out to be " a blocky mess."

Minecraft: Story Mode Episode 3 is due out on November 24th.