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Apr 20, 2014
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Hello everyone ,

Today i’m pleased to announce a partnership between and .

Starting today, I will begin releasing trainers on the WeMod platform, New and old. Don’t worry, all trainers that have already been released here will still be available ,But they will also be gradually moved improved and made available on the WeMod App as well .

For anyone who doesn’t know what the WeMod App is , It’s basically your own FREE trainers library ,The perfect tool for trainer users , It makes all the trainers available in one app for you to just access in one click , WeMod automatically detects installed games and loads the latest trainer that will work for your game! , So no more page refreshing to check if a new trainer has been released or updated , It allows users to report problems from within the app ,Trainers requesting from within the app as well , It includes other great features like an easy to use hotkey editors and a lot more features.

What WeMod also offer is a dedicated support staff to engage with as many users as possible ,More trainers developers and experienced programmers to develop tools ,All in all Nine people working on the project.

Their custom platform will allow me to create trainers with more advanced options while releasing them quicker and easier than ever before and without having to worry about managing the website and developing code i will be able to focus solely on creating Trainers ! .

Thank you to everyone that has supported me over the past four years, without you guys this wouldn’t have been possible. I hope you continue using my trainers on WeMod as they come out .


To Download the WeMod App Link

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