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Apr 22, 2014
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Hello .

I'm having a big problem with the NBA 2K14 Trainer , it all works fine beside the tunedata Option , first of all It won't work with the normal tunedata.iff and there are many people with problems with that option as You can see at the thread -
You can see some problems with this option which i believe is fixable .

- I wanted to ask if it's possible for some more trainer options if it's possible i think it will make it better and People will use t more then now , i'll list it

- Bigger success of hitting the target and making the moves perfectly (3PT , Middle , Layup , Dunks) Basically just raise the percentage of success .
- Option which will make your overall skill 99 (Maximum Stats)
- Option that will automatically by clicking will raise the score of your team by 2 Points
- Option that makes your Player better at the Attribute , Speed , Quickness , Vertical , Strength , Stamina , Durability , Ball handling , Hands , Dunking ability , Basically everything Better .

Basically everything to make your MYCAREER better .

I know it's much to ask but i think this is more useful .


Game Version is V1.00 (Suitable for Trainer)


I don't really know what's the difference between Original Copy or Retail Copy , But I can tell you I downloaded it (iso file)


Thanks for reading it : ) .