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May 21, 2014
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Andy Chalk-PCGamer

It's good news and bad news for the besieged settlers of the planet Shear: Four new monster hunters are about to join the Evolve fray, but so is the Behemoth.

In a surprise twist, the settlers didn't have to call in these hunters, because they were already there! I'm not sure what the practical impact of using home-grown talent will be ("absolutely nothing" is my bet) but in any event, here they are, along with their unique, inspirational quotes/battlecries.

Torvald, Assault: "I have crossed the depths of space to find you, beast! I am your death!"

- The mutilated survivor of a monster attack, Torvald is a "half-human walking tank," with back-mounted mortar cannons, an autofire shotgun, and shrapnel grenades.

Crow, Trapper: "These things are tough... Wonder how they taste."

- Crow has a trained Batray named Gobi that will fly ahead and enable him to "see" nearby creatures.

Slim, Medic: "You've got too much health, Goliath! Gimme some!"

- A highly specialized combat medic, Slim's DNA has been modified so extensively that he now looks like Jeff Goldblum.

Sunny, Support: "Yay! We did it! Why didn’t anyone believe me? You guys are such downers."

- Sunny has a jetpack booster that enables her teammates to fly farther and faster.

All four new hunters are included in the Hunting Season Pass, which sells for $25, or will be purchasable separately for $7.50 each. Joining them will be the Behemoth, revealed in January as literally the biggest monster Turtle Rock could make, which will be free for everyone who preordered the game and sell for $15 otherwise