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May 21, 2014
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Fraser Brown pcgamesN


There you go then. She’s a lassie, that much we do know, and she’s definitely wearing an outfit designed by the artists at Epic, because it’s covered in random bits of tech, probably not practical, but definitely pretty cool.

Accompanying her character page, which provides bugger all information, is her motto. I mean, I think it’s her motto. Who knows? Anyway, it’s "clarity through chaos", which is obviously a load of nonsense.

The way Epic is unveiling the game is really quite strange. For instance, it’s already advertising the beta, tempting people to sign up by offering in-game items that can be selected on the character pages – but none of this has any context. For instance, you can select ‘Fight for life’ which offers cooldown reduction and health on ability use… for a game we know next to nothing about.

Well, we know it’s a multiplayer shooter, because of course it’s going to be.

You can sign up for the beta here.

Andy Chalk PCGamer
It's time to take a look at the next two of Epic's gun-toting Paragon heroes, not because the studio revealed two at once but because I completely forgot about this last week. And with that boldly honest admission out of the way, allow me to introduce you to Sparrow and Dekker.

Sparrow moves with grace and strikes with fury, according to her punchy credo. She wears a couple of feathers in her thick braid, and wields a bow that shoots arrows that are either magic or detached lightsaber blades. She also has access to what has to be one of the most oddly-named unlockables I've ever run into, "Silent Indignation," which sounds like the sort of special ability my mom would bring to a fight if she was an FPS character.

Dekker, meanwhile, finds "clarity in chaos," and wears a vaguely Gears of War-ish suit of armor that's clearly meant to have various bits of high-tech gadgetry plugged into it. It also glows in ways that I think would be less than desirable in moments when she's trying not to attract attention to herself. Like, say, in a fight.

Sparrow and Dekker join Twinblast and Steel in the Paragon lineup, and leave just one character unrevealed: Grux, who I'm willing to bet will be some kind of ugly-ass alien brute. It's tradition, right? As for Paragon itself, we still don't know much about what Epic has cooking, but it's set to go live in early 2016.
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