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Jeffrey Belfort

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May 1, 2015
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So it's actually really easy go get a tool called SAM ((Not gonna link it you can get it yourself im pretty sure you're not supposed to link outside links))

Once you have it open SAM.GAME
the one highlighted in blue
Once you have opened it you should see something like this

Find Plague inc Evolved once found double click it, you will see something like this -

Then click Statistics you will see this :D and then click "I Understand by modifying the values of stats. I may screw things up and can't blame anyone but myself.

((If you have completed the game legit and unlocked everything most of the genes will be unlocked and i swear to god i played this game legit xD))

After you see all this scroll down until you see this

Change all of them to what you like ((1-4))
1: Casual
2: Normal
3: Brutal
4: Mega Brutal
Once you have done this press "STORE" in the top left hand corner.
Then quit all of it go in game and start a new game you will see it's all unlocked :D

((It's not my fault if you some how get banned for this I recommend NOT unlocking any achievements using this tool))