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Robert Crick

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Jan 15, 2015
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#1 Please List out Trainer Problem
i have two problems, One:
Cannot execute "C:\Users\Destroyer\appdata\local\temp\rar$EXa0.326\hammerwatch V1.22 Trainer +6 MrAntiFun.Exe" Now i have no idea what that means but when i was able to navigate into the File that is listed above and when i try to open the trainer it Creates another file, And deletes the files when i close the Winrar file.
The second problem:
! C:\Users\Destroyer\Desktop\Crusader Kings 2 V2.3.4 Steam Trainer +8 MrAntiFun (1).zip: The archive is either in unknown format or damaged
! Cannot execute "C:\Users\Destroyer\AppData\Local\Temp\Rar$EXa0.946\Crusader Kings 2 V2.3.4 Steam Trainer +8 MrAntiFun.EXE"

#2 Please List Game Version
The game version of Crusader kings 2 is V2.3.4
The Hammerwatch Game version is V1.31

#3 Please List Whether Your Game is an Original Copy or a retail Copy
My games are bought from Steam, So im going to say they are retail copy's.

See i love your trainers but this has just been ruining it for me, So if anyone could please help That would be much appreciated ^_^