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May 21, 2014
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Story by Fraser Brown-PCGamesN
Postal 2 is 12 years old. You’ve probably not spared it a thought in a very long time, unless you were following Uwe Boll, the one-man assault on good taste, and his failed attempt to fund a movie adaptation.

Developer Running With Scissors has decided that the world once again needs the Dude, however. There are still cats that need to be urinated on and vast swathes of humanity that need to be childishly insulted. Postal 2 is getting an expansion, and it’s called Paradise Lost.

I was ambivalent about Postal 2 back when it launched in 2003 even though I was its target market: a willfully stupid white teen boy. I enjoyed the ultra-violence, the liberating sandbox and the absurdity, but its desperate attempts to be controversial were just as ham-fisted as that Hatred thing that got eyes rolling last year.

When you strip away the violence and the bigotry that’s only satirical if you squint, then you’re left with a game with terrible AI, mediocre shooting, and graphics that were pretty ugly even for 2003.
So! The expansion. Paradise Lost sounds a lot like Fallout by way of Postal 2, which makes it a parody that’s not exactly very timely. The Dude returns to his hometown to look for his dog, but a nuclear strike has transformed it into the Fallout Wasteland, complete with warring factions, mutants, bandits – you know the score.

Paradise Lost even apes the player-choice of Fallout, letting players decide between being a murderer or a “wussy pacifist”. I’m going to go out on a limb and assume that those who choose the latter path probably aren’t going to be catered for beyond being allowed to curb their bloodlust.

Edit: Running With Scissors' Mike Jaret pointed out that Postal 2 also had a non-violent option, so consider me completely off the mark.

Paradise Lost is due out tomorrow, according to the Steam page.