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Prison Architect Trainer


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Jun 11, 2014
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I downloaded the game today, Prison Architect Multiplayer 4 (Update 17) date 19 December 2018. The latest trainer posted here on 20 December does not work at all.
I'm very confused about the versions. Can anyone give me a hint on what trainer to use? Or do i need to request an update?
Jun 1, 2019
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You don't even need a trainer for this game, my dudes. Prison Architect from version 2+ has built-in dev menu you can use for cheating.

  1. Create a new prison. You'll see some world generation options.
  2. Tick "Unlimited Funds"
  3. Tick "Enable tools and cheats"
  4. Click "Mutators" for additional options, such as increased health for guards and no-clipping guards.

  • NOTE: If you enable the unlimited funds cheats, your funds in the game will still go down - but that doesn't matter, it's still unlimited.
  • NOTE 2: Also if you enable unlimited funds, you must disable the "Failure Conditions" option when generating the world. Because going too deeply into the red funds-wise is a failure condition.

Turning on the "Enable tools and cheats" option will turn on Dev Mode in your prison world, allowing you to use the F-keys for extra functions.
  • F1 key opens the map settings and map cheat options menu.
  • F2 opens the profiler.
  • F3 is the script debugger.
  • F4 is a dialogue editor.
  • F5 is a sound editor.
  • F6 to F8 are sprite banks.
  • F9 is an additional cheat menu, the most helpful one. Here you can alter how many funds you have, set whether buildings auto-build, turn off the need for electricity, see all smuggled or stolen contraband in the prison and so on.
  • F11 expands the size of the map in all directions. May lag while the new dimensions are loading. Use a maximum of 3 or 4 times, maps that are too big will crash your game.
  • Instant/quicker research: Once you've placed a Warden in an office, go to the research menu and hold the right mouse button over the research options to instantly unlock them.
  • On the middle-right of your in-game toolbar is a Dev's "Spawn" menu. Use it to place stuff instantly.
  • You can hire staff when you have a negative cashflow. A negative cashflow will usually prevent you hiring new staff without dev mode on.
So, yeah, you don't need a trainer. There's a dev menu in the game, which is pretty much a trainer in itself.
You're welcome, people. :cool:
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Apr 29, 2014
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the current trainer does now seem to work for the newest version of the game with the Psycho ward add on


Jan 22, 2017
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The trainer is no longer working, cash spending limit, super power station and freeze clock is not turning on/off.