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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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shaun prescott pc gamer

The first Rainbow Six: Siege patch is set to release tomorrow, and it's a big one. Virtually all of the community's gripes, both major and minor, will be addressed, but it'll also coincide with the release of a Ultra-HD texture pack for players with capable rigs. This free DLC pack is designed for 4K players, but can be used at 1080p or 1440p by those with at least 4GB in their GPU.

On the topic of tweaks and fixes there's a lot to take in. In addition to changes to playlists outlined yesterday, an auto-kick function for team killers has been implemented, and the studio will continue to monitor team killing and adjust the function accordingly (for reference, currently 1.8 percent of matches have an instance of team killing).

Changes have been made to hit registration after concerns raised during a recent AMA, though the notes don't specify how, noting that "some of them are being addressed in this title update, while others require development time and be addressed later".

Meanwhile, Defenders leaving their designated area will have two seconds to return to base rather than five, in an effort to curb spawn ambushes. Oh, and you're unlikely to get stuck when rappelling onto a roof anymore – one of the most pervasive and annoying bugs in the game since launch.