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Apr 30, 2016
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Dear Mr. Antifun,

Title: 10 miles to safety

The Apocalypse has arrived and your goal is simple:
Make it 10 miles to safety through a limitless procedurally-generated world overrun with The Infected,
and packed with the tools and weapons to fight them.

So basically a hardcore/fast paced zombie horror survival game that has potential to be the zombie game of 2019/2020.
It's still in early access but still contains minor bugs. It does contain 4 player coop, but I am asking a trainer for the offline/solo play.
Im also kind of worried that its valve anti cheat protected, so I am not sure yet if this can be by passed?

But it would be fun to actually have abit of a edge against the zombies,
since they grow stronger and at night, because even more gruesome horrors come out to hunt..


Store Link: here


Cheat Request:
Unlimited Health,
Unlimited Armor,
Unlimited ammo,
Instant/Fast reloading on all weapons,
Instant/Shots or bursts of bullets,
Unlimited throwing items,
Max damage swings with melee weapons,
Rare spawns of any weapons in any category etc incl. high attack damage & 0% recoil
God mode if all fails.
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