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Nov 29, 2015
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I'm using the lastest version (D:\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Exanima Windows 7)
No matter what i do nothing works i tryed story and arena but nothing:(

Thanks for trying but its useless


Dec 29, 2014
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I can find the two overlapping health bars using the 2 byte value of 16000 in Cheat Engine as someone earlier suggested, then searching again when they decrease. If just the yellow bar decreases, you can focus on that one first and start a second tab to search for the red bar. I seem to always get three values for the yellow bar and one for the red. After they're found, change the values to 16000 and freeze them. It's worked for me. I still haven't spent the time to really figure out much more. And i don't think you're dead at 15000, I think it's more like 15500. Maybe. And one more thing, the four values are always right beside each other, for example: 15655, 15894, 15655, 15655. Always in that pattern. I've been able to spot them in that pattern fairly quickly even when there are several thousand values remaining in the search list.
And I just tried Vladislav's way searching for the 4 byte value of 1048576000. There are four of those values in the same pattern as the 2 Byte pattern described above. That works as well.
The admins of MAF do fantastic work, so hopefully we'll see a trainer for this game eventually. Thanks again.
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