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Jul 24, 2015
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Hi i'm looking for a quote on a custom trainer that would enable specific physics mods. I have so far been using the 1.29 version trainer with my nosTEAM version 1.29 version i picked up today. If i need to take this to a PM to discuss donation details, sorry for posting in the wrong spot- i'm new to using the site, a friend recommended MrAntifun for dependable work :)

Please advise via PM the type of donation needed to facilitate a private custom trainer with the following features?

1) Movespeed_+ LF-> about +20-25% over max endurance(?) I'd like to go about a 2/3 faster than the level-able-max move_speed plz?
2) Jump_height+ looking for a jump boost about 30-40% Above the maximum stat/trainable jump height? So like max stats+30-40%+ on the jump height.(Moon-Jump+movespeed=happy randy)
3) Melee weapon range +300%-ish. Would be happy with 250% but trying to be detailed and always loved having super melee range.
4) Infinite sprint/sta/endurance(?) please.
5) Heavily expanded carry/inv capacity
5a) No need for repair/no armor degradation/auto repair/infinite lockpicks?
6)Infinite mana/health
6a) Max Sneak/ Max lockpicking
7) Item duplicator
8) +Stat points
9) Teleport to nearest safezone

Thanks for reading, sorry if i'm requesting incorrectly. I would prefer to discuss via PM, but i thought i'd start with this so you could give me a better estimation of a custom trainer price, or if it's even possible to start a project like this for me :)

Thanks for your time
Send me a PM or sure