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Aug 28, 2014
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Steam -

$9.99 usd

i would like to see inf, resources, Ipu, research points, or one turn research, inf money, maybe inf unit health.. inf unit movement any other thing that sounds good.

the game is only $9.99 not some 60$ that every one bought and begs Mr.AF to make a trainer for, rather an old game... no effing trainers, cheats, cheat mods, cheat engine/table. i could find for it, so im requesting here (hopefully i did it right :p) id really like to see a trainer made for this, and old game so it shouldent be to hard but then again what do i know about making trainers... been a member for a long time love all the work Mr. AF does and would love to donate some time.. (regardless if this trainer is made i still wuv Mr. AF)