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Arthur W

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Feb 11, 2015
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The games are usually $4.99, like Tin star.

Also so your aware, The main site below is the origional site, they sell games on steam and apple store apps and such.

"Choice of Games" and "Hosted Games" are game makers who make choose your own adventure games. I think they're related, I'm just not sure how exactly. I think originally the "Hosted Games" site was a way for user submitted games to get out on the choice of games site, then it changed. About 2 years ago they branched out into steam as well. I've tried ******* the games on cheat engine, but for 1 thing they have 3 separate processes. Also the stats in the games are often tricky. Specifically they're shared percentage bars. And example from say tin star being order vs freedom, 0% being absolute order, 100% being absolute freedom. I also heavily suspect the value locations change pretty rapidly, maybe even with the "turning" of the pages