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Dec 23, 2015
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Platform: The platform is for Steam.

Product Price: The pricing currently is $3.75 USD as the game's franchise is on sale currently on Steam. I have no idea if the DLC will be problematic if the trainer is only made for the base game with or without DLC.

Features: The features for my request would be the ability to reset or manually set the amount of turns taken throughout the game. Besides my specific request, I see the rest of the franchise has gotten trainers, so the additional features would be like the others maybe; being able to manually set stats like AP, or Level. Or the additional stats and values outside of battle, such as gold or skill points.

I figure other people would want more options other than just changing the turn number, shouldn't be just for my sakes. Afterall, this site seems to be made to support the creation of trainers for Singleplayer games and sharing them.

Thank you MrAntiFun for your prompt response when I originally donated and asked about requests. I wasn't expecting a reply so fast, but am still grateful for the greeting :D
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