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May 21, 2014
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by Eddie Makuch on January 19, 2016 GameSpot

Remember one thing these all might not be based on a PC version does that matter maybe maybe not

GameSpot -- 7/10

"Zero bears the hallmarks that made the original Resident Evil enjoyable. At a glance, it looks impressive, with some expertly composed shots and highly detailed environments. Some issues from the original persist, reminding you how far controls in games have come since 2002, but they are temporary frustrations that fade once you find your footing and continue your journey. You may tire of the formula by the end of the game, but with Wesker at your fingertips, don't be surprised if you find yourself eager to sprint through zombies and decapitate them with energy blasts. It's just crazy enough to work." -- Peter Brown[Full review]
IGN -- 6.5/10

"Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster has the look and feel of a modern game, but its real problems started in 2002 and were never solved. It’s a forgettable entry in an outstanding series that just doesn’t measure up because of its story problems, overwhelming inventory management, and horrible predictability. Reanimating this limp corpse of a survival game in high definition only brings back the disappointment I felt when I played it the first time." -- Jose Otero [Full review]
Polygon -- 7/10

"Resident Evil Zero is better in retrospect than it was at release. Removed from the moment in time when it debuted, Resident Evil Zero is just a really good classic RE game. It didn't set the standards for this style of game the way Resident Evil 1 did; it's not as ambitious or unblemished as Resident Evil 2. But it's far from the mess that history made it out to be. Whether you're a veteran who's played it before or a new fan who never tried out Resident Evil 0, it's good enough to deserve this second chance." -- Philip Kollar [Full review]

GamesRadar -- 3.5/5

"It's bittersweet to say there will never be another Resident Evil game like this one--it's far too clunky and slow-paced for modern tastes. Even so, give it time and adjust to its eccentricities and there's some gameplay meat and even some brains to get your teeth into." -- Justin Towell [Full review]
PC Gamer -- 63/100

"Resident Evil Zero looks amazing, especially considering it's almost fifteen years old, but it feels like a pastiche of a much better game. Some people might find the need for constant, careful item management satisfyingly challenging, but to me it feels like unnecessary busywork. Throw in a messy, ludicrous storyline (even by Resident Evil standards) that clumsily tries to slot itself into the larger series mythology, unimaginative enemies, and a general feeling that you've done all this before, but better, and you're left with a game that’s very hard to love." --Andy Kelly [Full review]
Destructoid -- 9/10

As a whole, Resident Evil Zero isn't one of my favorite entries, but with the amount of care that went into this remake, like Resident Evil HD Remaster before it, I'm really coming around. In fact, just get both if you don't have them already." -- Chris Carter[Full review]
Game Informer -- 8.5/10

"This HD remaster of Resident Evil Zero is an easy recommendation for anyone who enjoyed the original Gamecube release and has enough patience to navigate the sometimes tedious inventory management. New fans of the classic survival horror formula that came on board following last year's Resident Evil HD Remaster shouldn't expect as tight of an experience, but one that's deserving of its place in the core franchise and fleshes out Umbrella's troubled history with dramatic flair." -- Tim Turi [Full review]
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