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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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andy chalk pc gamer

Rise of the Tomb Raider is coming to the PC on January 28, as you may have heard, and 86 aggregate scores on Metacritic don't lie: It sure seems like a pretty good game. But while Xbox One owners only need a single piece of information to determine whether or not they can run it—where is my Xbox One?—those of us on the PC side of the coin have a few more questions to answer. Fortunately, we're here to help.

It's interesting that Square Enix has released a minimum spec needed to play Rise of the Tomb Raider, but nothing in the way of recommended hardware. It's not really an issue, recommended specifications are always a bit squishy and subjective anyway, but omitting one is definitely out of the ordinary. It's possible that a recommendation will be forthcoming at some point in the future and if so, we'll update. For now, here's the bottom-line hardware you'll need to raid that tomb.
•OS: Windows 7 64bit
•Processor: Intel Core i3-2100 or AMD equivalent
•Memory: 6 GB RAM
•Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 650 2GB or AMD HD7770 2GB
•DirectX: Version 11
•Storage: 25 GB available space

I seem to say this a lot these days but it's fairly moderate as PC gaming hardware goes. 25GB of hard drive space isn't inconsequential, but a Core i3 and GTX 650 aren't much; I can see the 6GB RAM requirement being potentially sticky, but come on, why are you still running with 4GB of RAM?

Square Enix was also kind enough to release a half-dozen 4K screens, which you can witness in all their gigantic-nosed glory below