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May 21, 2014
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Joe Donnelly RPS=Rock Paper Shotgun


The Saint Seiya series has stood the test of time. The manga series that started it all has since spawned an animated series, numerous video games, and even musicals over three decades. Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul Knights Of The Zodiac[official site], the latest game and the first to get an English PC release, has arrived on Steam and brings with it 40 stages, 72 playable characters, and 144 costumes. Come look, see

My introduction to the Saint Seiya series came courtesy of my own ignorance ten years ago. In mid-2005, I’d not long finished Suikoden IV on the PlayStation 2 and was after another meaty JRPG to sink my teeth into. I picked up Saint Seiya: The Sanctuary in a mortifying display of book-cover-judging skulduggery and instead got a cut-scene-heavy larger than life action-cum-fighting game. Although not what I was after, I loved it! Why is this self-indulgent rabble important? Saint Seiya is accessible to noobs, like my idiot self a decade ago.

This time round, players can look forward to a reworked fighting system, new game modes, and, for the first time, can explore the Asgard Arc – a famous series story line.

Here’s the blurb from the game’s Steam page:

“The long awaited return of Saint Seiya is here with Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul! This amazing game will feature characters from the whole series, including the 12 Gold Saints and their God Cloths from the newly released anime “Soul of Gold”. Saint Seiya Soldiers’ Soul also leverages the power of the latest technology for spectacular graphics, robust gameplay, intense battles and many other exciting features to discover! Follow the storyline from the Twelve Zodiac Temples arc to the battles against Hades as well as other surprises. Relive Saint Seiya’s memorable storyline with beautiful 3D cut scenes.”