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Mar 19, 2021
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Hello, I’ve been using your trainer via WeMod to recover lost progress due to a corrupt save (unrelated). Anyhow I was using the unlimited items feature to rebuild quicker now I’m to the point where I’d prefer the game go back to vanilla. However despite the trainer not running it still appears unlimited fuel for vehicles and more so power plants is still implemented. Is there a way to return these to vanilla?

Things I've tried.
Enabling and disabling the feature within wemod
Disabling the feature then destroying and rebuilding power plants
Reloading the save upon doing all the above

It appears all requirements for power plants (e.g. coal, water, etc.) are not being consumed and there appears to be no way to revert back to vanilla mechanics.

Satisfactory Early Access (Epic Games) - CL140083

Thanks for your time.