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May 15, 2015
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well guys , i have some ideas for the page!. after many days here i have noticed some things. like

ppl dont use the search option, dont create thread like they should (keep posting bad petitions for trainers that they are already been created, not saying ty or demanding, etc)

So first. maybe you can create a search bar up in the chat windows. more visible for all the users and visitors.

pin this thread by @Kalas as a must read in the trainer seccion (people still dont know how to use a trainer, and they keep asking for help, or demanding an upgrade or a fix, w/o reason)

new year, time to clean up those old thread's and only leave those from this year, or
a sub forum called trash can? or recicle or something like that... to send the old thread and thread that violate the rules on how to post xxxx.

add a warning like a pop up msg OR a big msg in the creation of any thread.

im a member of the revolt forum, and some ppl steal the work of voksi. thats why he created a pop up msg saying that he is the creator of that fix + link of the page. same happen with your trainers, and some ppl add viruses on them or even want to charge!! WTF? CH much.

this one will hurt me bcos i cant donate haha, the change to usd $ is expensive here (ps4 normal price 400$ - in my country 800$.... get it? -.- sad )
Like i know maybe the donors have prior in their petitions, but maybe to gain more supporters you can create 2 trainers? one with many options for the donors, and other for free users?
- this is just an idea, i want more ppl to support the team =D -

i only saw 1, i dunno if there are more members that can shutdown threads ( completed, duplicated and troll & bad formulated threads ) if there is only 1, you can add more to keep the place clean :)

and hmmm thats all for now, if i think in another idea, ima post it here :)

ty for your time @MrAntiFun & @MrSkaizo :D have a nice day... or night ^^