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May 21, 2014
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Story by Steve Hogarty-PCGamesN

Even the tallest and most powerful mayors in the world are united by one undignified human trait: our bodily tether to this god damn idiot earth that forces us to view our mightly accomplishments from, on average, around five feet and eight inches off the floor. Unless we own a helicopter, in which case we can view anything we like from any angle that would please us.

PC Gamer spotted a Cities: Skylines mod that allows you to trundle about your city like one of the helicopterless common people. It's not perfect, in that you're about twenty feet above the ground at all times, but it does lend a fascinatingly original perspective to the avenues and boulevards your mayorly hand hath wrought

SimCity delighted in its low-down camera angles, which allowed players to get up close and personal with the doll-house details of Maxis's maligned city builder. Cities: Skylines boasts similar levels of intricate detail, and now modders are bringing it to the fore. Nice modders. Good one. Well done.

Yesterday Paradox announced that Cities: Skyline's was the publishers biggest ever launch.

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