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May 21, 2014
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By Fraser Brown-PcGamesN

Full Control, the developer behind Space Hulk and Jagged Alliance Flashback, is calling it a day. Space Hulk Ascension, the 2014 follow-up to their adaptation of the tabletop game, will be the last game that the studio develops.

“After releasing ten games with considerable critical and commercial success, we’ve made the difficult decision that the release of Space Hulk: Ascension will be our last one,” Full Control CEO Thomas Hentschel Lund told Nordic Game. “We simply wanted to stop when we were at the top of our game.”

The studio has struggled to find funding for new games, and instead of just letting Full Control sink into bankruptcy -- like Jagged Alliance Flashback IP holder, bitComposer -- Lund has shut down the development side of things, but sales and community support will continue to exist.

Lund believes that the problem lies in lack of investors and publishers willing to back premium games.

“The processes required to fund a project stretching over 6-12 months with no guarantee of success, the proliferation of PC games and an increase in the amount of medium-sized studios pitching for projects makes it hard to balance burn rates with new funding while also delivering the game in production,” he explained. “We simply did not have that last 1 % of luck securing a new signed project in time, even with several pitches having been greenlit