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Stuck in my little NMS world!

Randy Teaford

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Nov 23, 2016
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Like a lot of us who had issues with early shipping or with loading the game "No Man's Sky" PC version... I have no HYPERDRIVE.
When I started initialing the game in the beginning i had an issue by the time I solved it the game was an hour into play, leaving me when I woke up with a crashed ship, no weapons and no way to move forward in the game.

If it wasn't for you TRAINER-15 Mod I'd still be trying to move forward. Some people seem to think that you can start over, even at the loss of your game files... but you can't even friggin die in this game (which I like a lot) you start over again where you died last.

So i thank you for your Trainer 15 mod and am hoping you have or know of a mod that will finally give me/us a HYPERDRIVE BLUE PRINT so I can actually get into this game! Hello Games just says... keep looking , I'm 75 hours of game play on the same 3 planets.... looking at every ? temple and out post....