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Jul 2, 2019
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Introduction :
Dragon Cliff is not an IDLE game in early stage (need to manage characters) in normal mod, but later and with automatization features, it becomes mainly an IDLE game, and I would like to reduce this afk moment by getting stuff faster and use it to team building moment (gear customization, etc).

I. Requested cheat features :
1. Inventory : Add 1,000,000 units of gold by pressing hotkey (wanted for early game, normal mod).
2. Inventory : Add 1,000,000 units of practise points by pressing hotkey (wanted for early game, normal mod).
3. Inventroy : Add 100,000 units of Book Pages by pressing hotkey (wanted for middle game, normal mod).
4. Inventory : Add 100,000 units of Ash of hope by pressing hotkey (hard mod content in game, the main currency to buy different item).
5. Event system : Change Remaining policy points to 1000/1000 (up from 100/100) to allow a simultaneous launch of all events.
6. Event system : Change days needed by events to 2/2 for each of them.
7. Boost system from residents : Hoist Production, Item Rarity and Cheat Rarity Boosts to 10,000% (we don't need practise/price boosts with previous cheats).
8. Inn system : Force new Adventurer to be star-ancient.
9. Time acceleration system : Speed is actualy like x1 x2 x3 x4. Would like a change to somethink like : x0.5 x1 x10 x20 (or higher for the last, if possible). Yeah 0.5 because bullet time moment is good when big numbers incoming...
# Note about native acceleration system : The speed hack option in the Cheat Engine program does not work on Dragon Cliff and makes immediately the game crash. After observations, it seems that it is because the game uses itself an global speed hack program (everything is accelerated, even character animation in profil).

II. Requested semi-god cheat features : by pressing hotkey to active all listed here.
10. Adventure rage system : Change Maximum rage to 1000 (up from 100).
11. Item : Change Maximum rage given by Magic Bread to 1000 (up from 30).
12. Item : Change Cooldown reducing given by Magic Bread to 10s (up from 0,3s)

III. Requested god cheat features : by pressing hotkey to active all listed here.
13. Inf.Health
14. Inf.Rage
not really needed, but I imagine people like it and it used in first trainer,

Activation :
Total hotkeys wanted = 6 (Adding : 4, Semi-God : 1, God : 1).
Other features can be automaticaly launched when trainer is activated.

About game hotkeys :
I suggest to don't use Num pad number hotkeys for laptop users. And use directly letter or F1, F2, etc.
# Note : Game uses specific hotkeys and they are mostly unchangeable, don't use it please.


I believe this request is more complex than others, because I don't looking only for UberCheat, I still want to play the game, and particulary reduce time of farming moment... because actually, players let this game runs in night (it's a non sense for me...). I mainly gave you ideas and suggestions, of course I let you to do what you can and as you want. Thank you for your consideration and for your time.

# Note : The most important feature requested is Ash of hope adding and Forced Star-ancient adventure.
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