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Jan 19, 2024
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#1 Please List out Trainer Problem
#2 Please List Game Version
#3 Please List Whether Your Game is an Original Copy or a retail Copy
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I am having an ongoing issue with this trainer and was wondering if maybe anyone has dealt with this or not.
Infinite Research, when I first started using the trainer I could select every Research item, but for the last 2 weeks
not all research items are available to select which makes no sense. I thought that a fresh reformat of my laptop
would help, and it did for 1 day, and it's back to acting the same way. Also when I'm moving my cursor around
the screen try to create structures it's almost as if my cursor is getting hung up in certain areas of the map so I
have to zoom way out then zoom back in to retry placement of a structure on the map, sometimes it works and
sometimes it does work, other times it does not.

(Steam) Supreme Commander 2 - (Game) version 0.00.1040.00
(DLC) Supreme Commander 2 - Infinite Wars Battlepack One

(Steam) I'm assuming Retail copy

Any help would be greatly appreciated,
Thanks in Advance