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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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angus morrison pc gamer

Bandai Namco is steadily coming to terms with the fact that if it gives us its Japanese games, we will give it our Western cash. Tales of Berseria hasn't been given a release date yet, but we know that it's coming our way. The fact that it doesn't have a Japanese release date beyond '2016' is especially interesting—could an entry in the Tales series be getting a simultaneous worldwide launch?

Technically, Berseria is coming to 'Americas', but Steam is mentioned specifically and its predecessor Tales of Zestiria is available in Europe, so I'm inclined to believe Berseria will follow suit. On balance, modder and PC Gamer contributer Durante called the Zestiria port a success with the sorry exception of a framerate lock.

Tales of Berseria will follow Velvet, a 19-year-old pirate with a rather snazzy left hand, and it seems you'll need to reconcile your own gloomy persona with companion Laphicet's more cheerful leanings while battling people possessed of beast-like tendencies. It's classic JRPG stuff, and I'm glad to see it exported more readily.