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Oct 22, 2014
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I checked back several pages and didn't find anyone mentioning Tales of Maj'Eyal yet (If I didn't miss it).
I can tell you that it's one of the best turn-based rogue-like games ever created.

Here is the steam page for Tales of Maj'Eyal

I enjoy every bit of the game, but I also find it's hard to unlock every features in-game due to how hardcore the game is (400 hours played, unlocked only 300+ achievements out of about 1400 achievements total).

The game was first released 2012, but just got an update on 27 Oct, 2014 (Dlc).

Possible trainer:

Infinite Stats Points
Infinite Class Points
Infinite Category Points
Infinite Generic Points
Infinite Prodigies

Infinite Life
Infinite Stamina
Infinite Vim

Thanks in advance in case you consider adding Tales of Maj'Eyal into your queue. Regard.

Note: Let us know if anyone interest in this game. :) Leave a comment.