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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Story by Fraser Brown-PCGamesN

So they’re letting you decide.

Enter your Just Cause 3 voting booth, select your top three items in order of preference, and then confirm. You can change the order of your votes at any time before committing.

Here’s the 12-deep list:
•Mini Art Book
•Destructible General Statue/ Puzzle
•Diecast Vehicles
•Map of Medici
•Grapple Hook Replica
•RC Copter
•Rico jumping out of an explosion diorama
•Rico surfing a car diorama
•Rico surfing a jet diorama
•9-inch Rico

I’m a cartography nerd, so I’d normally vote for the map, but the mock-up looks, frankly, shit and a modern map of a fictional island just isn’t very exotic. Of course, everyone’s first choice should be 9-inch Rico. Who doesn’t need one of them in their life? He’s got magnets!
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