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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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The Division had a closed alpha earlier this month, and while users are generally forbidden from uploading footage during closed alphas, someone has gone ahead and done it anyway. That means publisher Ubisoft may have these removed at some point, so if you must see early footage then you'd better watch now.

While the closed alpha is finished now, there's a better opportunity to play the RPG in-advance next year, in the form of the beta. Details on how to sign up to that . Keep in mind the footage below is from the Xbox One build, so it's probably best to reserve judgment until then.

The Division releases proper on March 8.

well there were 2 video's but the fine people over at ubisoft in thier christmas spirit seem to have blocked them due to copyrights and i am not talking about here but everyplace that had the video so POOF i deleted them Merry Christmas Ubi Scrooge Soft
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