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May 10, 2015
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I previously posted this request in the standard request zone before becoming a Donor and figured i'd probably have better luck here!, Apologies if that is against the rules in which case let me know and i'll remove the post.

Привет MrAntiFun, Long time user of your trainers. have at least 30 of them on my computer right now. Anyway, here's my request.

Game title: The Fifth Day (Currently on Steam early Access V0.0.63 i do believe)
Price: 14.99 last i Checked. if you so desire i can gift you the game if you're interested bur dont want to pay yourself.
Features: Infinite Energy. Infinite health. Set Weight to Zero. Undetectable by enemy. and Inf Skill points for the main menu skill upgrading system. I do believe that's all, but if you discover anything else that could be useful feel free to add, You're the trainer expert I'm just a user.

Thank you for you time and my apologies for any English errors. only just started learning the Language last year. Contact me if you wish to know anything else or perhaps i left something out, Or if you just want me to gift the game, which i will do so upon your request.

Увидимся в следующий раз я нужен тренер !