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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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Just when you thought it was safe to open your purse and/or wallet without fear of all the monies therein getting sucked away by a swirling vortex of ridiculously cheap videogames, KABLAM! Another sale comes along. The one we're looking at today is the Humble Store Winter Sale, which will have some pretty decent bargains up for grabs over the next couple of weeks.
A few noteworthy examples: Wolfenstein: The New Order (which I just recently finished, and wow, was it good) is $9, Skyrim: Legendary Edition is $10, Dishonored Game of the Year Edition is $10, Fallout: New Vegas is $2.50, and The Evil Within is $9. You'll notice those are all Bethesda games—that's because the Humble Store is offering various “publisher sales” alongside reduced prices on individual games.

Unlike recent Steam sales, the Humble Store Winter Sale also has some kind of daily deal thing happening. There's nothing on the site that actually says “Daily Deal,” but the “Winter Sale calendar” is broken down into 14 individual days, and the clock is ticking on the first one—the obvious implication being that with each new day, something (!) will happen.

The Humble Store Winter Sale is live now and runs until January 29.