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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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fraser brown pcgamesN

This War of Mine remains one of the most affecting games about war and survival I’ve played, putting players in control of a group of civilians as they struggle to live in the shadow of conflict, where simply finding food and access to medicine becomes not just difficult, but deadly.

As of today, the game also provides players with modding tools, so they can create and edit their own harrowing scenarios. The update is now available on Steam.

11 bit Studios’ promises more tools in the future, but the existing tools seem fairly comprehensive. Here’s what’s featured:

  • Create and edit scenarios
  • Create and edit items
  • Create and edit crafting recipes
  • Create and edit weapons
  • Create and edit visits
  • Add custom sounds and music
If you’ve not played in a wee while, it might be worth another visit, if only to see how much despair the community of modders can conjure up. What a cheerful way to spend a weekend!