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Feb 8, 2023
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Hello, hello, I have been following you and watching all your productions for a while, I would like above all to congratulate you!!

But beyond that, I wanted to know if you think it would be possible to make a trainer for the game Outlast Trials. I don't know if I should highlight the options, but overall I would say:

- Unlimited life
- Unlimited Stamina
- Super speed (there's adrenaline in the game so I think it's possible)
- Battery, care, anti-psycho, crohet, unlimited (In fact, in the game there are objects, we can surely use them without consuming them)
- Enemy Freeze
If you have any other idea!

Otherwise inventory side finally, money ect...
- Unlimited money
- Unlimited ticket (In the game there are tickets, which are of the same type of money)
- Unlock locked equipment (There is some equipment that is locked)
- Increase character level (Character to psycho level)

There, there, I think I said it all
Thank you very much, already for reading my post!

I add the link of the store page of the game, I just saw that it was necessary : The Outlast Trials

Cordially Entys :p