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Aug 31, 2014
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Hi everyone !
Since 2-3 months, I use many of Trainers here.
BUT, after 1 or 2 weeks of use with some trainer, my computer crash.
Then, when I attempt to restart, it function normaly 2 minuts, and after recrash.
I've to reinstall my PC on the factory setting, loosing all my files.

That happened several times, and I realized that more Trainers I took,,
faster the phenomenon arrived.
Now I force myself to not take any more Trainers, to not to lose again my PC.
So, an idea of where it come from?

PS: Sorry for my bad English, it's not my native language.
Jun 16, 2015
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Its is highly unlikely you got the problems from any of the trainers on this site. Its more likely that you have clicked bad links on other sites, you surf to many **** sites, or you got something from an email. I have used quite a few trainers on this site, non of which contain any virues, trojans, worms, etc... Most ativiruses now days will report any modding tools such as trainers or save editors as a threat & in most cases this is what is referred to as a false positive. What does this mean? Well its basically the Antivirus reporting POSSIBLE THREATS not real threats which is meant to help cut down on possible harmful content.

So chances are you have downloaded trainers, mods, or apps from other sites which gave you the problems your facing now. In any case its your own fault, no one made you choose to use mods, trainers, or hacks. So pointing the finger at this site is not the appropriate action in which you should be taking here.

If your worried about being hacked, getting harmful content, etc... Then get off the internet, and never log on it again. But that's not safe enough, this means you can never install anything again because the disks might have infections as well or the other devices you connect to your computer.

I highly suggest that you apologize to MrAntiFun & his Staff for accusing them for your problems your having, because I know for a fact you didn't get them from here.

Grow up!