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kev seal

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Apr 25, 2014
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Firstly thx for the trainer MAF.....but i have a problem when I run it,it instantly uses all my 16gb memory,and crashes everything thats running. I had a system controlled pagefile that just eat up my harddrives till i eventually had to switch my system off at the wall just to reboot it.
I manually set the pagefile to 1024mb max and ran it game again,all was fine till i ran the trainer and all hell broke loose again,but this time without swapfile to access the programs just crashed but it issued errors like my graphics card had run out of memory etc.

I ran it again while monitoring the game and it instantly grabs all memory when i activate the infinate token option which is F2,i managed to stop it by pressing F2 again but the prog had grabbed 9gb of ram then crashed (dissappeared from screen) but was still running and hanging on too the 9gb it had grabbed, I ended it with no apparent issues in task manager.

I never had any probs with your trainers MAF i use a lot of them. Im running win 10 pro 16g ram nvidia gtx750ti if that helps any,any ideas sir on whats happening?
Heres a screenshot of the files particulars that runs from binary folder
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