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tal onzy

May 21, 2014
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TIGA, the network for developers that represents the UK games industry, has released some findings that show PC development is on the up-and-up in the United Kingdom. Across every area, development of PC games has increased, whilst mobile development saw its first decline in four years.

During 2014 PC development accounted for 37% of all UK studios, an increase from 2013’s 34%.

Of all the new studios opening in the UK during 2014, 52% were developing for the PC as their primary focus.

Mobile development still reigns king in the UK, but has suddenly started to see its first decline. Overall UK studios developing mobile as their primary focus dropped a per cent down to 48%, and of all newly opened companies just 35% were mobile developers.

“PC gained steam in 2014, with 37 per cent of studios adopting it as their primary platform choice up from 34 per cent in 2013,” said TIGA CEO Dr Richard Wilson in a statement. “This appears to have been fuelled by two major changes. A number of developers have refocused away from mobile to PC, perceiving the latter to be a less competitive market. Also, PC has overtaken mobile as the platform of choice for new market entrants with 52 per cent of new games companies in 2014 focused on PC versus 35 per cent focused on mobile.”

PC games are gaining steam in the UK then, with part of that steam almost certainly being fuelled by Steam and its wide-approach market. by Matt Purslow PCGamesN


Oct 2, 2014
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Also, generally game dev tend to release games too early allowing for numerous graphic and/or script bugs to remain, which they are fine with at the time of release since they already have your money by the time you notice them. So they then patch the game which just fixes several and usually the most severe of the glitches.

Just saying, I remember a time when I bought my PC games and they worked the way they were intended to work. Take Batman: Arkham Knight now for example. That title might just be the worsest PC release of this generation,

This is a player review of how Batman: Arkham Knight was released on the PC:

Just the most recent example of how the game industry is changing quality over quantity. Of course, every developer is different, take CD Project for example. I played the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt at the day it was released, graphically it was great, story was excellent, stability and performance was moderate depending on your system, scripts were mostly solid, meaning I had very little issue with scripts performing badly. Later introduced better graphics and performance but it was still quite playable. CD Project did not waste resources on extra security measures for the game that might only slow the game down or the need to be logged into some launcher where you need constant internet connection to even play the game regardless of playing single- or multi-player. Of course piratebay would have the game up and running on day 1, but really how's that any different from any other game? All the other games would win is a few more days, in exchange for constant performance loss in-game. CD Project deserves my money, they did it right from the start in my experience.

However, this thread tells about game development in the UK, my point was that I hope UK developers won't make the mistakes that Ubisoft, EA Games, and Rocksteady Studios did.