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Dec 26, 2022
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Hello, I Think That Hearts Of Iron 3 Trainer Should Be Upgraded, This Time, Add:
-(New) Godmode (Which Raises Your Army Org, Strengh, Hard And Soft Attack...etc To 999 or 99)
-Inf Manpower (Which Raises Your Manpower To 9999)
-Troops Arrive In 1 hour (You know what it means.. it allows your divisions to arrive to a located provience in 1 hour)
-unlimited brigade picker (you all know the limited brigade thing in production? it likely gives a limit of 4 only, mrantifun if you can change the limit number to 20 or so on, then this is cool)
-research everything (so this is basicly researching everything in the technology in hoi3, which would be cool)
(and last but not least) -Inf Research Points (if you did not like researching everything, then this one will be cool, it allows you to have inf research points)
And thats it, mrantifun i hope you read this message and be able to make this trainer, because the past trainer was simple.