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Jul 12, 2014
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So an idea popped into my head on how you could streamline priorities on trainer-making.
  1. Create for profiles a section where you can add what games you own (a list, collection).
  2. Have some algorithm which merely collects the games owned by people subscribed here (no personal information would be collected, only the collections).
  3. And you could view from this, and gather what games are most owned by most members, see if only a few have a particular game, or if something is owned my many.
  4. Optional step: Perhaps allow members to also sort their lists by popularity or how much they play particular games, for an extra variable into the statistics.
  5. Refer to this simple graph whenever trying to determine what trainers are most productive to create foremost before any other. It would be a sort of "top list of games", only filtering for the people who are actually here looking for trainers, so you know who's interested.
Now, I have on idea how hard or easy this sort of thing would be to implement on these forums, but I thought I'd share it anyway, seemed like a good concept, maybe someone can develop it further.
My thought was that it would help in saving time and resources when trying to determine what to do when people want trainers.