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Various trainers not launching.

Fin Tuyokee

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May 4, 2014
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I've been using trainers for years now, but in the last few days I'm having a huge issue with some of them.
Apparently, older trainers (all those with the "older" layout) won't start anymore. For example, I can start AC Odyssey trainer, but not a Resident Evil 5 trainer that used to work just fine until a few days ago.
When I double click on them, nothing happens. Not even an error message.

I've already tried the following:
  • Whitelisted trainer folder
  • Disabled Smart Screen
  • Disabled Avast
  • Disabled Windows Defender
  • Delete "cetrainers" folder from %temp%
  • Run as administrator
  • Re-download said trainers
  • Updated VCRedist and other softwares that I reckoned could have been important.

I don't know what else should I do. Any ideas?