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Feb 13, 2015
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Trainer found here:

Game Version: Patch 2.05
Game is GOG Retail
OS Version: Win10 Home 64-Bit Build 1125.
Trainer is run as Administrator


1) Activating option F2 (Infinite Health) while in the game causes an instant CTD. Activates fine if you Alt+Tab out of the game first before activating. Will have to do further testing on if this option actually applies any effect, because Vampirism/Leech effect weapons and Destiny Cards essentially perform the same option as the trainer and make it very difficult to test. With this option activated, you can still take Hex damage (Hex damage isn't counted as regular environment or npc sourced damage - it's on a separate table in this game and is -100 hp applied on a set timer).

2) Activating F3 (Add Gold) or F4 (Add XP) cause CTDs if done more than 4 times. Options work up to 4 times in any one play session, best results occur when Alt+Tabbing out of the game first, activating the option then Alt+Tabbing back to the game. These options in the trainer do work 100%, and do work when going by the instructions given in the Notification section on the trainer page, but can (and sometimes do) cause a CTD on activation even the first time during a session if done while not Alt+Tabbed to the desktop.

Further observation - Add XP component should probably have the amount added lowered significantly, probably to at most 10k xp per activation (which is what I believe the xp per level actually is), as adding 100k xp prevents players from collecting any of the level rewards you get per level.


Jul 16, 2014
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F1 Activation option doesnt work for me, it only sounds "ding"

When I try F2 it says "trainer activated" but no effect on game
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